Sudoku Desk Calendar

If you love a challenge, the Sudoku Daily Boxed Calendar features daily Sudoku puzzles of various difficulties to exercise your brain every day of the year. With daily tear-off sheets and a built-in stand, you can check your answers the following day. Sma ...

Sudoku Desk Calendar

What more could an avid Sudoku-solver want than a puzzle for almost every day of the year? Included are puzzles of varying levels of difficulty that will entertain and challenge any player of this popular logic game in Sudoku Desk Calendar! Difficulty of ...

Sudoku Desk Calendar

The original, the best, the only handmade Sudoku, for every day of the year. Hands-down the best Sudoku calendar out there! From Nikoli, the Japanese publisher that created Sudoku, it?s a year of handcrafted?never computer-made?puzzles. Each one is like a ...