Guitars 2024 Wall Calendar

The magic, the mojo: 12 months of stunning guitars.It?s humble, it?s outrageous. It?s soulful, it?s impossibly loud. It?s iconic, it?s innovative, it?s dazzling. It?s ubiquitous, it?s unique. And from this great universe of the guitar come twelve more amazing highlights. The perfect calendar for the guitar lover?and now in a new, more compact format?Guitars presents a year of groundbreaking, one of a kind, legendary instruments gorgeously photographed in full color and exquisite detail. An offset noise machine full of bravado, attitude, and electronic surprises from the German builder Deimel. Theo Scharpach?s elegant archtop, redolent of the soul of acoustic jazz. A Thinline Telecaster and the story of its surprising origins. And so much more. Accompanying the images are detailed captions that delve into the guitar?s design, history, characteristics, and prominent players. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.
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