Patina Vie 2024 Note Nook

Stay organized all year long with the Patina Vie 2024 Note Nook Calendar! Impressively designed with 12 colorful monthly grids and two pockets per month, this unique calendar easily doubles as a home organizational tool. With its pocketed pages, you can store coupons, bills, receipts and other various items throughout the year in an efficient manner. Not just for keeping track of your to do list at work or school?it's a great way to help organize your life outside of the office too. Plus, these spiral bound pages include eye catching illustrations brought to you by Patina Vie that are sure to make a statement wherever you hang it up! Whether on your wall or on your fridge door, be sure that this funky artistic expression adds some much needed color and sense of organization to any room. Get ahead of the game with the Note Nook Calendar from Patina View?spruce up any space and stay on top of your important tasks all year long!
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