Noggin Noddler Knots Game

Noggin Noddler Knots Game: The objective of this game is simple: Untie the knots and redo them again. Good Luck!

Heavy Metal Starstruck Puzzle

Try a challenge that has stumped the most brilliant of minds through the ages. Heavy Metal puzzles are beautifully crafted and include a stand for display. Brute force is no asset as you try to separate the pieces. Find out in Heavy Metal Starstruck Puzzl

POP! Vinyl Rides A-Team Van

Excluded from Coupons and DiscountsAbout 5 inches tall

Category:Action Movies
Marley A Dog Like No Other Book

When the Grogan family is ready for a dog, they choose Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. Marley has a zest for life, and as he grows, so does his enthusiasm. He has an appetite for whatever he ca ...

Category:Assorted Dogs
Teal Lake 1000 Piece Puzzle

Featuring the artwork of Andy Russell, colorful foliage, mountains, and lovely dwellings are reflected in Teal Lake. This 1,000 piece puzzle measures 27"L x 20"H when finished. Made in the USA.

Bassett Hound Pen

Smooth writing roller pen featuring the Bassett paintings of the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead.

Category:Basset Hounds
Tea Please 550 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle should be just your cup of tea! Choose from Chai, Ceylon, Red Rose, Brooke Bond, Vesper, Horniman, Twining, Lipton, Betsy Ross, or my own favorite, Typhoo. Then take your pick of an array

Category:Coffee & Tea
Animal Planet Training Your Dog Book

This enjoyable guide includes quick-reference “Make It Easy” boxes to recap important information and basic training techniques that encourage obedience in your dog. T.F.H. has teamed up with Animal Planet™, the only television network devo ...

Category:Dog Training
8 Pieces Triangle Magformers Toy

8 Pieces Triangle Magformers Toy: This rainbow power is an intelligent magnetic construction set for brain development. Magformers construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. With high quality, durable construction ...

Gear Shift Game

Gear Shift Game: Gear Shift is deceptively difficult. The rotation of the eight interlocking gears is a seemingly simply operation. However, once you discover that the core can be pulled apart, the difficulty skyrockets as this function changes the shape ...

Hanayama Claw Puzzle

Hanayama Claw Puzzle: Can you take the Claw apart? Now try and put it back together! Akio Yamamoto of Japan designed this marine mystery. And with patience and persistence, the secrets of removing the ring may be discovered. UPC: 023332308729

Hanayama Marble Puzzle

Marble" features a design that is modern and sleek, with a simple appearance that can be misleading. Master the "Marble" and reveal the intricate cuts of the four sections. Now see if you can keep your cool while putting it back together.

Hanayama Nutcase Puzzle

The "nuts and bolts" appearance may lull you into believing this to be a straightforward puzzle, but it is a total brain drain. Inventor Oskar van Deventer presents two challenges: 1) remove the small nuts by disassembling the nutcase, and 2) change the o ...

Hanging Judgo Metal Puzzle

Engage your mind with this metal puzzleHanging Judgo is at the advanced levelConstructed with metal and wooden pieces

Cross Metal Puzzle

Engage your mind with this metal puzzleCross puzzle is at the difficult levelConstructed with metal and plastic pieces

IQ Test Tumbleweed Puzzle

Tumbleweed mind benderCan you take it apart and put it back together?Made of solid wood

Hanayama U and U Cast Puzzle

Level 4: ChallengingHard to take it apart, but more challenging to put it back togetherMade of cast metalSpend hours with this brain teaser

Hanayama Reef Cast Puzzle

Level 3: ModerateHard to take it apart, but more challenging to put it back togetherMade of cast metalSpend hours with this brain teaser