EZ2See Weekly 2020 Pocket Planner

The design of this 8.5 x 11 spiral-bound weekly planner/calendar is unique in the marketplace and ideal for anyone dealing with conditions where large, easy-to-see numbers and letters would help. This planner offers so much more than just large print! Only black ink is used to provide high contrast with a large amount of uncluttered writing space. Each weekday cell is nearly as large as two, 3 x 5 cards, the largest available space. Yet the planner is only as thick as a wooden pencil. Its a size thats easy to take along to appointments, meetings, etc.Its heavyweight paper and durable laminated covers stands up to heavy daily use, making it ideal for more than just a daily planner. It also works well as a journal or as a shared calendar for a busy family. Choose an ink color for each person. Pages also have a narrow black border to indicate the papers edge. This helps those prone to writing off the paper. This is a feature found nowhere else; quite helpful for many. The product leads off with the 12 months of the year, each on its own page. Then follows weekly pages presented across two facing sheets. It starts the first week of December the previous year and ends the second week of January the following year.This calendar makes an ideal gift. It is popular with those dealing with vision or other cognitive or neurological conditions. And lastly, because of its large writing space, many whose only condition is facing a busy or hectic schedule find it useful.Popular Planner Style!Laminated covers for moisture-resistance and durabilityHigh contrast black fonts 10X larger than newsprintHuge daily cells each nearly equal to two 3 in x 5 in cardsBlack page edges no more writing off the paperSix wide bold-lined pages at the end for your notesBlack spiral bound so you can fold it in half and lay it flatRuns from December, 2018, to mid-January, 2020About as thick as a standard wooden pencil8.5? x 11 pages on heavy-weight paperAbout EZ2See ProductsEZ2See Products is a small start-up business started by Edward Cohen, a legally-blind senior citizen, in 2016. After realizing he was unable to find a weekly planner that he would be able to easily use, Cohen decided to make his own. He began by creating a design that would directly combat the visual challenges faced everyday by himself and others with visual impairments. Thus, the EZ2See Weekly Planner was born.Why Calendars?Hectic life? Get and stay organized! Organize your days and make time for yourself with one of our planner calendars. Monthly planner calendars keep you organized throughout the year. Conveniently sized and designed with care for those who want a handy method of organizing their days. These appointment planners come in weekly or monthly views in a wide selection to fit your own personal style. Daily, weekly, monthly, academic, 12 and 16 months whether you want something for school, work, your family, your clients, or keeping track of your goals we have it all. Express yourself by adding stickers, washi tape, and sticky notes. Or, create your own system of colors, symbols, and abbreviations for quick reference. Make each planner your own and plan out your week for special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, class projects and more. Offering more than a dozen features, these planners are all in one with as a planner and notebook. Stay on top of your busy life and never forget an appointment or risk being late to that important date.
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