Extreme Weather 2024 Desk Calendar

Indulge your weather obsession. For meteorology nerds, armchair forecasters, and anyone who can?t get enough of tornado chasing and weather shows on TV, Extreme Weather delivers a year of fascinating facts, historic weather related events, and the science behind the phenomena. Love the winter? Head to one of the five snowiest cities in the US (surprise: Syracuse, New York, tops the list, with 128 inches on average per year.) Extreme Events, including the deadly Daulatpur Saturia tornado, whose 250 mph winds ravaged the Bangladesh district of Manikgang, leveling everything in their path. And Know Your Climatology: A fire vortex is a rapidly rotating cylinder of air that occurs within or near the flames of an active fire. This calendar is the perfect way to indulge your weather obsession, every day. Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.
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