Hanging With Sloths 2024 Wall Calendar

Stop and smell the hibiscus. There's just something about sloths. Maybe it's their sweet yet inscrutable expressions. Or maybe it's their unapologetic embrace of life in the slow lane. Whatever it is, people just can't get enough of them it's like they speak to us, connecting with some part that wishes we were so chill. The Original Sloths calendar showcases a year of sleepy, simply adorable, and never in a hurry residents of sloth sanctuaries in Costa Rica. The beautiful, full color photographs capture sloths doing what they do best: cuddling with their buddies, nibbling sweet hibiscus flowers, and just hanging around. Captions feature fascinating sloth trivia: You may be tempted, but don't pet a sloth. Getting too comfortable with humans can be detrimental to their survival in the wild.
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