Polar Bears 2024 Wall Calendar (French)

Let the chill of the majestic northern lands fill your walls with the Polar Bear Wall Calendar! With each month showcasing the breathtaking scenery of the frozen arctic, you'll be able to stay connected to the cold and icy life of the Polar Bear. This stunning French calendar is perfect for the wildlife enthusiast, the nature lover, and anyone who loves the cold! The Polar Bear Wall Calendar will be sure to add an awe-inspiring touch to your home and will keep you up to date with the changing months. Enjoy the majestic beauty of polar bears every day! Products are produced with environmentally friendly materials in Germany. We do not produce in China. We support a number of NGO?s including the Nepal Prisoners Association and the Nepal Women?s Network. According to Tibetan tradition, ?Tushita? is a planet on which we find mindfulness to change hindrances into advantages.
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