Foxes WWF 2024 Wall Calendar

Did you know that a fox uses its bushy tail as a warm cover in cold weather and as a signal flag to communicate with other foxes? Also, a fox's tail provides balance for this agile creature! The Foxes 2024 WWF Wall Calendar offers a monthly spread filled with vibrant images accompanied by a large grid with moon phases and international holidays. This calendar is printed with soya based inks on FSC certified paper. EXCLUSIVE Calendar title!Printed on high quality paper16 month format (Jan Dec 2024)4 month bonus spread (Sept Dec 2023)Dimensions (closed): 12 in x 14 inDimensions (open): 24 in x 14 inDescriptive captions accompany each imageFull color pages throughoutIncludes all major and significant holidaysStay organized and on track all yearPerfect for the home or office!
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