365 Dogs Desk Calendar

A year-long celebration of everyone's best friend. More dogs equal more joy, more nuzzling, more love. Featuring full-color photos of the hundreds of winners of the Dog Calendar Contest, here are perky Labradors, athletic Retrievers, and a Terrier whose j ...

Blue Dog Wall Calendar

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog is one of the most recognizable images in the world of contemporary art. The Blue Dog wall Calendar features 12 images that will appeal to both longtime and new fans and collectors. Steeped in the legends and Cajun myths of Rodr ...

Cow Dogs Wall Calendar

Stoecklein calendars provide the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the West every day of the year, with photography by the legendary photographer of the west, David Stoecklein. The calendars showcase photographs from the Stoecklein Collection, captur ...

Dog Chat Wall Calendar

Do you every wonder what our dogs would say if they had their own social media accounts? Now you can keep up with their timeline with the Dog Chat Wall Calendar! Our favorite pups share the latest memes and funny thoughts in this calendar, featured in a n ...

Dog Crazy Easel Calendar

The dogs in this calendar look pretty happy (except for the Chihuahua, of course), despite being posed wearing clothes, bows, and Christmas ornaments!ÿ Featuring 12 vintage postcard portraits of poodles, collies, boxers, doxies, shepherds, terriers, and l ...

Dog Dreams Wall Calendar

Dogs and puppies dreaming of chasing squirrels, gnawing on steak bones and being pet by their loving humans will greet you each month. In their comfy sleeping positions, you'll want to curl up for your own nap! This year, 12-month wall calendar measures 1 ...

Dog Gallery Wall Calendar

''''An elegant gift for dog lovers, with 52 poster-style portraits that capture canine spirit. An eagerly wagging tail. A soft, velvety paw. Inquiring, intelligent eyes. Every day, Dog Picture-a-Dayr Wall Calendar celebrates the lively spirit, undeniable ...

Dog Man Wall Calendar

From the creators of Captain Underpants, it?s Dog Man, the New York Times bestselling character who is part dog, part man and ALL HERO! When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a lifesaving surgery changes the course of hist ...

Dogs Adorable Wall Calendar

Featuring the cutest pictures around, this calendar is great for dog lovers. This calendar is perfect as d‚cor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. Each calendar month ...

Dogs Art Special Edition Wall Calendar

This Legacy Wall Calendar with two bonus greeting cards, features your favorite dogs - lovingly and realistically rendered by artist Sueellen Ross. Each 12-month calendar is printed on premium, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious feel t ...

Dogs Life Young Wall Calendar

A Dogs Life Wall Calendar features artist Ned Young's humorous take on a dog's life that will keep you howling with laughter. Each 12-month calendar is printed on premium, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious feel to it, and comes in a p ...

Hot Dog Yoga Wall Calendar

This calendar gives Popular meaning to Hot Dogs! Featuring a year full of images showing dachshunds positioned in classic yoga poses with the help of digital technology, these reworked portraits will bend your mind and delight you. The Hot Dog Yoga calend ...

Love of Dogs Wall Calendar

Loyal companions and beloved members of the family, dogs are always excited to see us. John Silver's amazing paintings portray our canine friends in all their many moods, relaxing at home or along on a fishing trip, sitting patiently with a loved one or t ...

So God Made a Dog Wall Calendar

And on the 9th day God looked down on his wide-eyed children and said, ''''They need a companion.'''' So God made a Dog. This charming ode to the endearing attributes of man?s best friend will brighten your days and remind you to truly appreciate the gift ...

Texts from Dog Desk Calendar

The Texts from Dog Day-to-Day Calendar captures the daily banter between Dog, the text-savvy, foul-mouthed British bulldog, and his owner, October Jones. Based on the popular, each full-color page features imaginary, comical, and cr ...

Truth About Dog People Mini Wall Calendar

Writer and illustrator Jo Renfro has a love of mixing color, pattern, and whimsy in her somewhat quirky, often amusing, and always upbeat work. In this little calendar, she uses her sense of humor to celebrate Dog People and their best buddies, who reward ...

We Rate Dogs Desk Calendar

Based on the funny, paws-tively adorable Twitter and Instagram feeds, the WeRateDogs Day-to-Day Calendar showcases a year's worth of some of the world's best, over-the-top ''''aww!'''' inspiring dogs. Each delightful page of this calendar introduces an ex ...

We Rate Dogs Wall Calendar

Based on the funny, paws-tively adorable Twitter and Instagram feeds, the WeRateDogs wall Calendar showcases some of the world's cutest, goodest puppers. And because all dogs are good dogs, every doggo in this pup-lifting, wholesome calendar deservedly ea ...

What Dogs Teach Us Desk Calendar

Dogs have much to teach us about what is important in life to cherish, defend, avoid and enjoy in our lives.ÿ Each of the charming full-color photographs in this delightful calendar includes a simple, uplifting daily lesson to live by.ÿ Each page also inc ...

What Dogs Teach Us Mini Wall Calendar

Charming full color photographs and accompanying text reveal twelve important life lessons from our best friends. While ideal for small spaces, the calendar?s daily grids still provide room for jotting notes, appointments, birthdays and reminders.ÿ Also i ...