Love Of Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar

The Love of Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar is decorated with monthly artwork of lovable dogs by John Silver. LANG Wall Calendars feature monthly full color images, elegant linen embossed paper stock, and a brass grommet for hanging.This calendar is perfect as de ...

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 2022 Wall Calendar

This 2022 calendar celebrates the Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever - Or Toller for short. Enjoy 13 wonderful images of of this affectionate and outgoing dog, known for being intelligent, alert and full of energy. A perfect addition to any home for love ...

Old English Sheepdogs 2022 Wall Calendar

Whether it's the impossibly fluffy double coat, ''''bellcrack'''' bark, or ambling bear-like trot, Old English Sheepdogs are clearly one of a kind. Prized in early industrialist America by the Vanderbuilt and Guggenehim families, the breed sprung from hum ...

Pekingese 2022 Wall Calendar

The Pekingese is the ultimate lap dog. Twelve delightful, full color photographs celebrate all there is to love about this devoted and irresistible breed. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly grids ...

Vizlas 2022 Wall Calendar

Also known as Hungarian Pointers, Vizslas are highly energetic, intelligent dogs that always want to please. These wonderful hunting dogs are very friendly and affectionate. And what a pleasure it is to stroke that gorgeous rusty-gold coat! Admirers of th ...

Vizslas 2022 Wall Calendar

Although Vizslas are excellent, hard charging sporting dogs, they are gentle, good-natured and loving in a home setting. All of the fine characteristics of these distinctive, smooth coated dogs are embodied in twelve bright, full color photographs. Printe ...

WeONLYRateDogs 2022 Wall Calendar

After all, the premise for WeRateDogs is SO clear: they rate DOGS??not pandas, dinosaurs, or whatever photos someone sends in. Just DOGS, people??adorable, precious pups??which you definitely will not see in this delightfully comical calendar from Matt Ne ...

What Dogs Teach Us 2022 Engagement Calendar

Dogs have a passion for the simple joys of life that we humans so rarely achieve. Delightful full-color photographs are paired with Canine life lessons to help us live more fulfilling and joyous lives. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, ...

What Dogs Teach Us 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

Charming full color photographs and accompanying text reveal twelve important life lessons from our best friends. This 7x7 mini calendar is a perfect fit for compact spaces in the modern workplace with ample room for jotting notes, and features standard U ...

Wheaten Terriers Soft Coated 2022 Wall Calendar

Native to Ireland, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are intelligent, even-tempered, lively dogs ... and they dont mind sullying those beautiful, soft, silky coats from time to time. Play games with this playful dog breed and you have a friend for life. Fans o ...

Whippets 2022 Wall Calendar

Whether they're racing around the backyard or lazing around house, Whippet lovers see them as the perfect companions. Low maintenance and good natured, the breed is known for being an excellent watchdog without any unnecessary barking. Printed with soy-ba ...

You Had One Job 2022 Wall Calendar

The all-new You Had One Job! calendar features the funniest and freshest of these job-related epic fails captured and shared around the web and around the world on social media and humor sites. Collected and captioned by humor writer Beverly L. Jenkins, t ...