Barns 2024 Wall Calendar

I like big barns and I cannot lie! Splendid in stature, barns tell a story that helps define the history of their locales. You'll be charmed by the unique characteristics that make these barns one of a kind. This 2024, 12 month wall calendar measures 12&# ...

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Barns 2024 Wall Calendar

A barn is much more than just a building that shelters animals and farm equipment. It's a mighty symbol of a dignified way of life. Barns represent the agricultural foundations of America. This wonderful calendar examines various styles of barns from New ...

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Barnyard Friends 2024 Wall Calendar

Straight from the farm and into your life, Barnyard Friends showcases paintings of beloved barnyard animals in this adorable calendar. From pigs to cows to sheep, enjoy portraits of your favorite farm animals to remind you of a quieter, simpler life.

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Baseball 2024 Easel Desk Calendar

America's favorite pastime celebrated in vintage images from 1910 to 1960.

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Baseball Trivia 2024 Desk Calendar

Bring the game to your desktop!?The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the excitement of cheering on your team. Baseball Trivia! offers day after day of everything you love about America?s Pastime. Immortal Numbers, including Willie Mays?s over 500 ...

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Basenjis 2024 Wall Calendar

A small, short haired African hunting dog, the Basenji is a "barkless" canine that appears to prefer yodeling to woofing. One of the oldest and most unusual dog breeds in the world, the Basenji is also known as the African Barkless Dog. Quiet but ...

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Basford Coloring 2024 Planner

The beautifully imaginative and detailed works that are featured in Johanna Basford's 2024 Weekly Coloring Planner will delight fans throughout the year.

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Basford Rooms of Wonder 2024 Wall Calendar

With beautifully detailed illustrations each month taken from her newest book, Rooms of Wonder, Johanna Basford takes you indoors, inviting you to explore the wonders of the worlds within.

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Basic 2024 Desk Pad

Keep your plans for the month handy and liven up your workspace too in 2024! Whether you're looking to dress up your desk or add some large scale art to your wall, this is the desk pad calendar for you. Our 12" x 17" calendar features 12 monthly d ...

Bass 2024 Wall Calendar

Each month gives you a close up look at trophy bass, or puts you on the boat in prime fishing spots with this stunning wall calendar for 2024. This colorful calendar is printed on the highest quality paper to ensure brilliantly clear images.

Basset Hound 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Big loving eyes and long soft ears make Basset Hounds irresistible. And although they love to nap, they are not a lazy breed. Basset Hounds are full of wonder, curiosity, and mischief. They're relaxed, social dogs that are good with children. Bring home s ...

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Basset Hounds 2024 Wall Calendar

Traditionally, Basset Hounds were rabbit hunting dogs. But with their gentle manner and easygoing disposition they are also wonderful family companions. Take this dog on a walk, and with its keen sense of smell and distinctive bark it will let you know if ...

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Bastin Natures Inspiration 2024 Desk Calendar

Appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world and the celebrate the changing seasons with the Marjolein Bastin Nature's Inspiration 2024 Desk Calendar. This new daily calendar includes over 300 details from beautiful paintings of birds, flowers an ...

Category:More Folk Art
Bastin Natures Inspiration 2024 Planner

Perfect for backyard birders and nature lovers, this 12 month spiral bound engagement calendar features artwork and memories from the sketchbook of Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin. The Marjolein Bastin Nature's Inspiration 2022 Large Monthly Planner is perf ...

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Be Gentle With Yourself 2024 Wall Calendar

Incorporate self care and serenity into your everyday planning with the 2024 Be Gentle with Yourself LANG Wall Calendar. Featuring meaningful artwork by Lily Val, each monthly page includes a self care tip to encourage you to take care of yourself body ...

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Be Good To Yourself 2024 Mini Desk Calendar

The 2024 Be Good To Yourself LANG 365 Daily Thoughts Calendar is filled with uplifting quotes to inspire you throughout the year. Featuring a flip top stand and magnetic closure, it creates a great gift for yourself!

Be Here Now 2024 Wall Calendar

This richly illustrated calendar is a trove of mindful meditations by spiritual teacher Ram Dass, whose teachings have shaped generations of spiritual seekers. His powerful dharma provides daily meditations and serene mantras that inspire us each month of ...

Be Here Now Ram Dass Weekly 2024 Planner

Carry the wisdom of Ram Dass wherever you go. Quotes by Ram Dass are featured inside this weekly planner paired with full color illustrations by Zue Zipkin.

Be Joyful Always 2024 Wall Calendar

The Bible bursts with God's goodness and everlasting gifts. No matter our trials, His love can bloom in our hearts in the midst of it as we remember all that He has given to us. In this inspiring calendar, Bible verses come alive amidst blooming watercolo ...

Be Kind 2024 Wall Calendar

Our ability to reach out with random acts of kindness is a powerful thing. The benefits ripple out to create a community that actively seeks small moments of joy. This calendar encourages us to make space for these encounters and be gentle with ourselves ...