Macke Paintings 2020 Wall Calendar

August Macke (1887 1914) Expressionist, worked in a time when Germany saw the beginning of the successive avant-garde movement which was forming in Europe. Together with Paul Klee he visited Tunisia and created a wonderful compilation of watercolor sketc ...

Category:Fine Art
Mackintosh 2020 Wall Calendar

Designs & decorative detail of Scotland's renowned architect, artist & designer. Dated panel each month. This calendar is perfect as décor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events ...

Macleod 2020 Wall Calendar

Est MacLeods paintings are informed by the real and the imaginary. The variety of techniques Est uses to layer color and shapes adds an ethereal element to her work and this wonderful wall calendar brings together a vibrant selection of 12 of her artworks ...

Magic Places 2020 Wall Calendar

From Greece to Guatemala, from Egypt to Myanmar and beyond, this calendar travels the globe in search of power spots where sacred structures have enhanced human communion with other realms. Natural and manmade places that put forth extraordinary influence ...

Magical Activity 2020 Wall Calendar

Pure interactive fun all year long12 activity packed-scenes featuring llamas, unicorns, narwhals and mermaids. Plus stickers! A year of enchanting fun for all ages! Every month of the Magical Activity Calendar is packed with playful prompts (Draw yourself ...

Magical Faery Fiegenschuh 2020 Wall Calendar

Make each month brighter and happier with the help of these beautiful faeries. The Magical Faery Calendar presents the enchanting art of Emily Fiegenschuh - art that captures the wisdom and spirit of the fare folk. This inspiring calendar lets you step in ...

Category:Fantasy Art
Magical Jungle 2020 Wall Calendar

Illustrator and ink evangelist Johanna Basford's World of Flowers calendar continues the journey begun by her latest book, which transports fellow colorists to exotic locations around the world and introduces them to the delicate and amazing flora found t ...

Category:Commercial Art
Magical Realm Campbell 2020 Wall Calendar

In Scottish artist and storyteller Lucy Campbell's dreamlike landscapes, dolphins, foxes, unicorns, and other captivating creatures serve as guardians for their human companions on the mystical path. With lush symbolism that evokes protection, inspiration ...

Magnetic Office 2020 Wall Calendar

This ready reference magnetized calendar with blocks of 1 x 1 1/2 on each date leaves apply room to write all of you activities. Two magnets make it great for the fridge for everyone in the house to keep tabs on household activities or use the attached lo ...

Magnificent Rockies 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Enjoy the majesty and natural splendor of Canadas Rocky Mountains, the largest mountain system in North America. The Canadian Rockies extend through parts of British Columbia and Alberta with towering snow-capped peaks amid crystal clear lakes, meandering ...

Category:National Parks
Magnolia Bakery 2020 Wall Calendar

For decades, Magnolia Bakery has welcomed Kids, parents, and celebrities -- mostly famous Carrie from Sex and the City -- with freshly baked cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Whether swirled with pastel buttercream frosting or as a delectably flaky pie, this ...

Main Street of the Midwest 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Main streets of small towns are part of the iconography of American life. Lined with charming shops and eateries, main streets hearken back to a simpler time. Feel the stress of city life fall away with the 13 images in this lovely mini calendar. This cal ...

Maine 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Spruce forests, rocky shores, beautiful beaches, and placid bays are all part of Maines stunning New England landscape. Then there are the mountains, marshes, and dazzling deciduous forests teeming with wildlife. In autumn, Maine transforms into a land of ...

Maine Coast 2020 Wall Calendar

With more coastline than California and more than 3,000 islands off its shores, the Maine Coast boasts a variety of stunning natural scenery. From the peaceful sandy beaches of the Southern Coast to the rocky coastline and historic harbors of the Mid-Coas ...

Maine Coon Cats 2020 Wall Calendar

This big boned cat with the gorgeous, long flowing coat originated in North America but is now one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Twelve stunning full color photographs capture the beauty, intelligence and gentleness of the Maine Coon Cat. T ...

Category:Cat Breeds
Maine Coon Kittens 2020 Wall Calendar

These fuzzy smidgens will grow up to be long, tufted beauties someday, but who would want to rush them? With their array of colors, expressive faces and sugar sweet demeanors this New Englander cat of the sea is among the world's most popular breeds. Prin ...

Category:Cat Breeds
Maine Wild & Scenic 2020 Wall Calendar

Spruce forests, rocky shores, beautiful beaches, and placid bays are all part of Maines stunning New England landscape. Then there are the mountains, marshes, and dazzling deciduous forests teeming with wildlife. In autumn, Maine transforms into a land of ...

Majestic Animals 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Finally, a petite-sized wall calendar that's unique enough to give as a gift or keep for yourself! Featuring interesting and expressive artwork printed on thick, high-quality art paper with stylishly rounded corners, each calendar is a small piece of luxu ...

Majestic Animals 2020 Monthly Pocket Planner

This perfectly petite pocket-sized planner keeps your schedule flexible and visible so you can carry on with your days worry free! In addition to the monthly grids that allow you to see an entire months activities and appointments at a glance, each planne ...

Majestic Animals 2020 Planner

Create a keepsake of your year with a conveniently compact Take Me with You Planner! Spirited, unique, and inventive artwork invites creativity and moves beyond the traditional planner. This perfectly portable planner features a week-per-spread view with ...

Category:Weekly Planners