Lab Black Puppies  2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Very energetic, maybe a little clumsy, but absolutely adorable, Black Labrador Retriever puppies play and play until you're worn out. These dogs are very easy to train, and will mature into patient, loving, and faithful friends. Black Lab pups are up to a ...

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Lab Retriever Deluxe 2024 Wall Calendar

Labrador Retrievers are known and loved for their intelligence, devotion, and gentle demeanor. They make wonderful family dogs and are true companions for life. With a wonderful collection of photos of Black, Chocolate, and Yellow Labs, this adorable cale ...

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Lab Retriever Puppies 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

With their warm bellies, soft fur, and beautiful faces, these adorable Lab puppies can bring out the sun on the foggiest day. Enjoy all the curiosity and clumsiness of these energetic puppies with this Lab Puppies calendar.

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Lab Rules 2024 Wall Calendar

The finest virtues of the Labrador Retriever character are aptly portrayed through a perfect combination of twelve outstanding photos and inspiring quotes. Printed with soy based inks on FSC certified paper, this 12" x 24" wall calendar features l ...

Lab Yellow Puppies 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Lab puppies make your heart feel more than just a twinge of puppy love. These pups will grow up to be happy, faithful companions with sweet temperaments, lots of energy, and fabulously soft ears. See all the curiosity and clumsiness of Yellow Lab Puppies ...

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Labradoodles 2024 Wall Calendar

A Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Energetic and smart, Labradoodles make great pet companions. This dog also makes a charming calendar subject, so enjoy this cute calendar devoted to the delightful Labradoodle.

Labrador Retriever 2024 Wall Calendar

Loyal, trustworthy, and devoted, the Labrador Retriever is a true friend. This breed is not only a wonderful family dog, it also serves as a guide dog for the blind or a working dog for the disabled, and it is occasionally trained for search and rescue. F ...

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Labradors 2024 Wall Calendar

This 2024 Legacy Wall Calendar features our favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever lovingly and realistically rendered by artist Michelle Oude Avenhuis. Each 12 month calendar is printed on premium, linen embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious ...

Labs Afield 2024 Wall Calendar

Come hunting with the most popular dog breed in the United States. Labs Afield 2024 Wall Calendar features twelve awesome photos of chocolate, yellow, and black labs in action.

Labyrinth 2024 Wall Calendar

The officially licensed Jim Henson's Labyrinth? 2024 Wall Calendar features images from the iconic Jim Henson movie, now celebrating its 38th anniversary.

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Ladybird File It 2024 Wall Calendar

The WSBL Ladybird 2024 File It is a calendar and filing system all in one! Record your engagements on the spacious calendar grid and store your documents in the built in file folder for each month! A "Notes" section on the back lets you label the ...

Ladybird Plan It 2024 Wall Calendar

Get organize like never before with the Ladybird 2024 Plan It Plus Calendar! This calendar is not only a stunning piece of art that'll brighten up any room in your home, but it's designed to keep your family on track throughout the year. The 17 month cale ...

Lagoon View 2yr 2024 Pocket Planner

Start your day with a lovely lagoon to help you keep calm! Spanning the months of January 2024 through December 2025, the monthly views have unlined grid space for daily planning, plus bonus space for notes. The 3.5" (w) x 6.5" (h) checkbook size ...

Lake Michigan 2024 Wall Calendar

From the metropolitan port of Chicago to historic lighthouses and protected pristine shoreline, Lake Michigan offers a diverse array of natural and man made beauty. The only Great Lake entirely within the United States, it is also the second largest by vo ...

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Lake Superior 2024 Wall Calendar

Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, takes center stage in this calendar dedicated to the splendor and breadth of it. Forming a shoreline with three American states and one Canadian province, Lake Superior is a scenic and diverse body of water t ...

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Lake Tahoe 2024 Wall Calendar

Spiral bound and printed on heavy card stock, you can spend the year exploring breathtaking and distinctive views with these full-color, glossy photos. The spacious grids on this calendar provide ample space for marking appointments and events, making not ...

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Lake View 2024 Wall Calendar

?I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore,? wrote William Butler Yeats, ?I hear it in the deep heart?s core.? These twelve, full color lake view photographs provide a year of lakeside tranquility. Printed with soy based inks on FSC certifi ...

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Lakes 2024 Wall Calendar

Lake life! Ahhh so relaxing? fishing, swimming, boating - there?s nothing better than lake life. Allow our calendar to transport you back to fond memories of summers at camp or with your family by the lake. You?ll be imagining s?mores in no time looking a ...

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Lakota Way 2024 Wall Calendar

The Lakota Way wall calendar features authentic and striking images by artist Jim Yellowhawk, whose work evokes Lakota star knowledge and the unique Lakota way of life. Author Joseph M. Marshall III (The Lakota Way and The Journey of Crazy Horse) presents ...

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Lambies in Jammies 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Have you ever seen anything so cute??!! Little lambs and baby goats in pajamas and sweaters will instantly and completely charm you as they relax and frolic. Providing lifelong love and care to over 400 rescued animals, our furry friends hail from Edgar's ...

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