Journey Of The Heart 2022 Plan-It Planner

With a 17-month calendar grid including 6 individual family member rows, 288 reminder stickers and convenient pockets for added storage, the Journey of the Heart 2022 Plan-It? Planner will keep your family organized on the go! Each month is accented with ...

Category:Lang Folk Art
Journey Of The Heart 2022 TriView Calendar

The NEW Journey of the Heart 2022 Tri-View Calendar lets you see three months of engagements and appointments at once! Stay on top of your schedule by arranging three months in any order, from December 2019 - January 2022 . The vertical layout helps you ...

Category:Lang Folk Art
Jumping Animals 2022 Wall Calendar

Hip Hop Hooray! There?s nothing like a cute jumping animal to make your day. Whether it?s an excited dog or a majestic flying squirrel, one can?t help but smile when seeing these images. We hope you get a little joy out of these jumping animal images. Pri ...

Category:More Animals
Just Airedale Terriers 2022 Wall Calendar

Airedales display a unique blend of characteristics: They?re fearless but kind, independent but loving, and loved in return by owners worldwide. These 12 vivid, full color photographs celebrate all their delightful traits. Printed with soy-based inks on F ...

Just Akitas 2022 Wall Calendar

Affectionate, Big, Courageous - these are the ABC?s of Akitas. Originally hailing from Japan, their popularity continues to spread among dog lovers worldwide. These 12 full-color photographs capture all the Akita?s wonderful attributes. Printed with soy-b ...

Just American Eskimo Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar

When it comes to American hot rods, beauty and brawn never go out of style. See raw power and American grit fused with metal and chrome to create legends on wheels. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large mont ...

Just Australian Cattle Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar

Twelve dazzling color photos capture all the intelligent, energetic and alert traits of this tireless herding dog from Down Under. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly grids that offer ample room fo ...

Just Australian Shepherds  2022 Wall Calendar

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, trainability, high energy and playfulness. While they make terrific pets, they are also highly valued by ranchers for their inherent herding traits and willingness to please. Twelve delightful ?Aussie ...

Just Bad Kitties 2022 Wall Calendar

The Seven Deadly Sins have always been wicked, but never have they been more enjoyable! We?ve taken literary samplings of wayward conduct (greed, envy, lust, conceit, temptation, etc.) and matched them with photographs of kittens being terribly naughty. A ...

Category:Funny Cats
Just Basset Hound Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

Those beautiful brown eyes, long silky ears and big paws are only a few of the endearing characteristics of Basset Hound puppies. Twelve full color, irresistibly sweet photographs are certain to warm your heart. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certifie ...

Category:Basset Hound
Just Basset Hounds 2022 Desk Calendar

Basset Hounds may appear a bit curious to some folks, but to their fan base they are absolutely the cutest dogs in the world! Enjoy a full-color, year-long tribute to the sweet and endearing Basset Hound with this colorful daily calendar! Over 310 full- ...

Category:Basset Hound
Just Basset Hounds 2022 Wall Calendar

Basset Hounds are sweet and gentle souls who are devoted to their owners and great with children. Normally peaceful and well-behaved, we forgive the occasional transgression of following an interesting scent from here to eternity. This large format wall c ...

Category:Basset Hound
Just Beagle Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

These winsome, happy-go-lucky Beagle puppies are sure to make you smile all year long. Twelve vivid, full color photographs depict these little guys and gals in all their adorable glory. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calend ...

Just Beagles 2022 Wall Calendar

Although they pack a lot of energy and tail wagging animation into their small frames, Beagles still leave a lot of room for sweetness and gentleness. You?ll enjoy these wonderful dogs all year long with twelve bright, full color photographs. Printed with ...

Just Bernese Mountain Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar

It?s hard to believe that Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred for working given their penchant for cheerfulness and simply having fun. These handsome, good-natured dogs are celebrated in twelve vivid, full color images. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC cert ...

Just Bernese Mountain Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

They might dream of pulling carts up the Swiss Alps, but these cheerful, pint-sized balls of fluff already have their work cut out for them being the most adorable member of the family. It's a hard job, but someone gets to do it. Printed with soy-based in ...

Category:Cute Puppies
Just Bichons Frises 2022 Wall Calendar

These lively little puffballs love nothing more than to spend as much time with their masters as possible. You can keep them happy all year long by keeping this calendar with its twelve charming Bichons Frises on your wall. Printed with soy-based inks on ...

Category:Bichon Frise
Just Border Collie Puppies  2022 Wall Calendar

Born with high-energy and natural instinct, these charming puppies are destined to become the handsome, good-natured leaders that their parents were before them.Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly ...

Category:Border Collie
Just Border Collies 2022 Wall Calendar

Border Collies are naturally good-natured, hardworking, and energetic, making them a beautiful breed that?s fun to love. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly grids that offer ample room for jotting ...

Category:Border Collie
Just Boston Terrier Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

What?s black and white and cute all over? Boston Terrier puppies, of course! Twelve adorable full color photographs embody all the charming traits of this enormously popular breed. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar ...

Category:Boston Terrier