Just Dachshunds 2022 Desk Calendar

Dachshunds are cute, affectionate and, as their owners will attest, very, very clever! The 310 full-color photographs in this box calendar capture all the doxies amusing and admirable charms. Easy tear-off pages are printed with soy-based inks on FSC cert ...

Just German Shepherds 2022 Desk Calendar

German Shepherds are loved and esteemed for their great looks, loyalty, versatility and service to others. These fabulous characteristics and more are on daily display with 314 vivid full-color photographs. Easy tear-off pages are printed with soy-based i ...

Category:German Shepherd
Just Goldens 2022 Desk Calendar

Everyone loves the Golden Retriever with its gorgeous flowing coat, big brown eyes, and ever-so-sweet disposition. The 310 in this daily box calendar showcase the fun-loving, athletic and intelligent Golden Retriever ? a breed that delights millions of us ...

Just Goldens 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

Twelve outstanding full color photographs celebrate the friendly, cheerful, self-assured and loveable nature of Golden Retrievers. This 7x7 mini calendar is a perfect fit for compact spaces in the modern workplace with ample room for jotting notes, and fe ...

Just Jack Russells 2022 Desk Calendar

Fun and fearless, plucky and lovable, the Jack Russell Terrier is the breed of choice to folks across the world. These 314 full-color photographs vividly display all the endearing traits of these lovable dogs. Easy tear-off pages are printed with soy-base ...

Just Lab Black 2022 Wall Calendar

The black Labrador Retriever is the breed of choice for so many for good reason: they are loyal and loving, intelligent and good-natured, and oh so great to look at! These twelve vivid full color photos capture all their charms. Printed with soy-based ink ...

Just Lab Black Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

These twelve adorable black Lab puppy photographs bring you a year?s worth of cold noses and warm hearts! Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly grids that offer ample room for jotting notes, along wi ...

Just Labs 2022 Desk Calendar

The endearing Labrador Retriever takes center stage in this bright and cheerful daily calendar! Over 310 full-color photographs capture the heart-warming appeal of the Lab. Whether showcasing the dog?s energy, intelligence, athleticism, or fun-loving natu ...

Just Labs 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

Six opposable thumbs way up! Koalas are fuzzy, eucalyptus enthusiasts that simply can?t get enough ZZZ?s, making these adorable Australian marsupials one of the chillest critters in the Outback. This 7x7 mini calendar is a perfect fit for compact spaces i ...

Just Labs 2022 Wall Calendar

One breed, three colors, countless personalities! Twelve vivid full color photographs typify all the charm, cheerfulness and athleticism of the magnificent Labrador Retriever. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features ...

Just Persians 2022 Wall Calendar

Start with those adorable faces and eyes that seem to be judging your every move. Add to that their sweet tempers and gorgeous coats and you will understand why millions of owners adore Persians. Twelve vivid full-color photographs capture all the charact ...

Category:Cat Breeds
Just Pit Bull Terrier Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

American Pit Bull Terriers are renowned for their strength, intelligence and willingness to please. The wide head and muscular body are imposing, yet their good-natured personality make life a joy for their owners. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certi ...

Category:Pit Bull
Just Plain Weird 2022 Desk Calendar

Do you get a kick out of how random and weird humans can be? This Just Plain Weird easel desk calendar celebrates wacky humans and the inexplicable things they make and do. With its 12 colorful vintage postcard images from the 1960s, this calendar is pri ...

Just Pugs 2022 Desk Calendar

Pug lovers agree that Pugs are simply the cutest little dogs in the world! And who could argue after viewing those big, imploring eyes, compressed nose and compact little body? Over 310 full-color photographs pop off the pages of this daily calendar showc ...

Just the Two of Us Planning 2022 Wall Calendar

A calendar made for two? That's right, a first of its kind! This calendar has space to keep track of your plans, my plans and our plans! The calendar grid spans the entire 24'''' (h) x 12'''' (w), opened two-page spread and has horizontal, rectangular dai ...

Just Westies 2022 Desk Calendar

Brighten each day of your new year with wonderful White West Highland Terriers! The 310 full-color photographs in this daily box calendar capture all the perky, friendly and confident charms of Westies. Share everyday of the year with these adorable dogs. ...

Just Yorkies 2022 Desk Calendar

The tiny Yorkshire Terrier, typified by its silky blue and tan coats, is a cheerful, loyal and perky companions. All the charms and traits of this popular breed are celebrated in 310 full-color photographs. Brighten each day of your new year with a lovabl ...